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Leg/Foot Pain                


K. C.

            Since treatment, 60% better, energy improved, strength better, less pain and better outlook.


M. R.

            Affecting school and sports. Medical Doctor didn’t help. Since beginning treatment, 80% better and now playing basketball again. Excellent progress.


S. B.

            Oncologist said there was nothing that could be done. Since treatment with laser, I virtually have no pain at night in my feet and I’m sleeping through most of the night.


R. M.

            Excellent progress. Some numbness left over. Strength, energy and whole outlook is better. “No surgery for me!”.


R. D.

            Could not run anymore, my heel hurt so bad. Dr. Parson showed me the exercises, and treated my heel with Laser. Right now I am back to running and 70 % better!


D. B.

            When I came in here I could not bed, it hurt to cough and sneeze and my leg hurt a lot. I could not work. I had been told in the past I had a bulging disc. Dr. Parson showed me my problem, and right now I have no back or leg pain. Excellent progress.


J. F.

            My ability to ride bikes, lift or even bend to floor was causing me pain. I tried medical doctors, but medications is all they wanted to do. I liked to exercise. Wish I had tried Chiropractic first. I am 90-100% better and back to doing whatever I want!


J. P.

            It hurt to cough and sneeze, couldn’t sit and it was hard to work, I do construction. Have been to other Chiropractors but this was a new approach. 95% better and now just staying on maintenance. Great!

Spinal Consultation


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