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Low Back Pain


S. C.

Severe and worsening pain coming from my lower back. After treatment and exercise I feel 90% improved.



E. B.

Having trouble sleeping, playing in band, and doing school activities. I have had these problems for about 3 years. Now, I have more energy than ever.



S. B.

I have dealt with lower back issues since the early 70’s. Since treatment, about 60% better and only going up.



W. G.

I’ve had low back pain for years. It hurt to sit and roll over in bed. I have used numerous steroid packs for relief and nothing seemed to help. Since following through with treatment, 90% improved.



J. H.

50% improvement, now back to walking and exercising.



D. S.

Severe pain in lower back, could not bend over or else legs would go numb. It only got worse throughout the years. It was affecting my job. Now, 80% better and a definite increase in strength, “I feel like I can do anything, there is a way!”.



B. F.

Sharp pains in back causing me a lot of trouble and could not sleep. Since treatment, increased energy, can lift without pain, essentially, 100% better. Have referred people.



E. P.

Doing great, no pain, mental outlook improved, 80% better to date.



B. D.

80% better, reduced pain, increased energy, increased strength and whole mental outlook has improved.



S. B.

90% improved, back pain does not bother me at work anymore.


J. C.

Came in with constant lower back pain, rated about a 7 on a scale of 10. Have seen other Chiropractors and it gradually worsened. Could not play softball anymore. Since treatment, pain is reduced by 70%, energy and strength levels have gone up and much more mobility. Will continue to refer.



C. H.

Came in with leg pain and lower back pain and was out of work. At present, back to work. 80% improved and still going.



T. G.

90-100% improved. I did not happen overnight, but with hard work and maintenance good things came. Have referred my entire family.



D. H.

Pain is gone, finally!



P. J.

Under care, halfway through, 60% reduction in pain. Working on getting back into exercise.



C. C.

Hurt lower back, could not exercise, at present very good progress.



L. W.

Good progress, 80% improved. I was not able to stand, bend, exercise or dance. Now I can! Pain is essentially gone.



R. L.

In a short period of time my lower back pain has decreased by 60%. I have referred.



D. H.

Back pain was preventing me from playing football and exercising. Right now, 90% improved.



K. H.

Severe curvature in my spine that was pinching the nerve to my right hip. I could hardly sit or stand. I am now mobile, can sit, get up from chair, roll over in bed and stand straight without pain. At 71 I feel totally renewed and grateful to have Dr. Parson as my doctor.



K. H.

Excellent progress...90% improved and have sent my family in for care.



J. M.

Saw another Chiropractor, but it didn’t work out. A huge difference in the care I received with Advanced Chiropractic. Currently, 70% better and still improving. Mental outlook is much better now.          



B. J.

80% improved, was affecting ability to work and exercise. Essentially, back to normal life.



A. S.

90% improved, general strength is much better. Back to doing normal school activities.



M. C.

100% improvement for my lower back. Doing great!



A. W.

90% better. Energy has increased and mental outlook is much improved. Able to do my job, a stylist, without pain. Referred many to the office.



I. G.

90% improved. I have Achilles spurs and the laser has helped a great deal. I can walk around Dollywood now, couldn’t do that before. Lower back is much better.



R. B.

Have had chronic lower back pain and have been under Chiropractic care for a long time. Since treatment, I am able to work as a waitress with much less pain. 50% better.



R. S.

Excellent progress! I have more energy with minimal to no pain and back to exercising. Have referred a lot.



A. G.

Good progress, was not sure Chiropractic care could help me, I am 95 years old. It has been good improvement with less pain and I’m moving a lot better.



R. P.

            Could hardly stand for any length of time without pain, affecting my job as a landscaper. After going through the prescribed treatment I have no problems, excellent progress, and can exercise. 90% recovered.



J. F.

Back was interfering with everything I needed to do, including work.Since treatment, 90-100% better.



P. C.

Able to sit and bend now. This is the best my back has felt in years. Have gladly referred others. Excellent progress.



K. G.

Pain gone, excellent progress!


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