How to Achieve Optimum Health and Development for Your Baby, Naturally

We are human.  While no one of us is all-knowing, we do have the easiest access to the most information in recorded history.  Now, what are we supposed to do with that?  We are busy people!  I have never heard anyone with children say that raising them right was easy. 

This is part of the reason that I think being a parent is such a rewarding experience.  Making sure that our children grow up strong and healthy with a polite demeanor while they still hold the curiosities of the world in their heart is an act that forces you to learn and grow alongside your off-spring.

Outside of rearing children, I have dedicated my life to doing and sharing research because that is one of my biggest passions.  This way people, with their own passions, have snappy access to trusted sources compiled into a nice little article.

Causes of Misalignments

As resilient as our human bodies are, we are also very fragile.  Our bodies can absorb a good amount of stress- though not without consequence.  Physical, emotional, and chemical stress prompt a fight or flight response in your muscles, causing subluxation in your spine and structure! 

Have you heard the resilience of babies and toddlers being referred to as “bouncy”?  These small people have an extra dexterity to them (it is good for not breaking bones while their bones are still forming!).  That does not make them invincible. 

Your body reacts poorly to being stuck in a bad position for too long; the same is true for toddlers and babies.  Poor positions inside of the womb can not only subluxate babies before they are born- they can make the entire birthing process more difficult (which in turn compounds any spinal issue in both mama and babe!).  Click here to read up on the benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy.

Alignment issues can happen before, during, and after birth.  Natural birth on its own can be pretty traumatizing for that little body- good thing mama and baby were built for it!  Here are some of the more common reasons for misalignments in babies:



Constraints in womb

Positioning inside uterus


Stress from mom


Breeched position


Intervention (induction/forceps/suction)


Emotional stress (like fear)

Chemical stress (medication, diet, vaccines)

Poor sleeping positions



The Importance of Proper Alignment in Your Baby

Our spine holds the roots to our nervous system.  This makes the alignment of our spine so important- especially for babies and children since their nervous system is in charge of their growth and development.

This makes chiropractic care perfect for assisting in developmental milestones like holding up the head, sitting up, crawling, and walking.  Keeping a young one’s spine in alignment encourages their immune system to run at full strength.  This will help them to fight away any colds or infections that may come their way.  

It is a great idea to keep your babies’ systems running at high efficiency by taking them to the chiropractor for regular wellness checkups. 

Oftentimes symptoms of an issue can appear to be the issue itself, especially in your small human!  Here are some signs that your baby may have a spinal misalignment:






Ear infections

Trouble breastfeeding

Growing pains

Asthma/troubles breathing

Allergic reactions



Focus irregularities

Bed wetting (with age)

Shoulders at different heights

Torticollis (stiff neck or pain when turning the neck)

Limited movement in the neck and head

Trouble sleeping or strange sleeping patterns

Frequent sore throats, colds, and infections


How chiropractors help

The chiropractors at Advanced Chiropractic Associates in Knoxville, TN are skilled at evaluating and adjusting baby spines- even brand-spanking new babies!  They use a special technique that is gentle and effective on your baby’s spine.  Chiropractic is safe and beneficial.

Babies usually love getting adjusted and can get their adjustments while they are right in your arms.  If you bring your little one in with an injury, they may feel a bit of discomfort with their adjustment though once they get it, they will start feeling relief and their little body will be on a quicker track to healing itself!  Chiropractic care generally works much faster for your baby than it does for you.

Contact Knoxville Tennessee’s Advanced Chiropractic doctors today to schedule an appointment for your baby.  Whether they are experiencing any of the symptoms we talked about earlier, they are going through some important milestones, or you just want to ensure their optimum health and development, your little one will receive some real benefit from chiropractic care!

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About the Author

Kali S. Garcia is a natural health enthusiast.  As the owner and author of Mama Tea Social, she feels compelled to heal and the cold hard facts.  Connect with her on Facebook.




Took my sweet babe to see Dr. Z when he was 2 months old for difficulty turning his neck to the right side. One visit was all it took to see an improvement! Highly recommend!



Ear infections and Nursemaids Elbow

Dr. Z has done wonders for my son's (from 12-18 month old) ear infections and now has fixed a stubborn case of nursemaids elbow!! I cannot praise and thank them enough!!



Preventative Care While Pregnant

I came into the office due to having some lower back pain while at the beginning of my pregnancy. I had similar issues during my first pregnancy and thought this time I would make sure that did something before it got really bad. I also suffered from plantar fasciitis.

I would stretch and use heat to help out but I wanted to make sure the pregnancy went smoothly and the research on how chiropractic can help out pregnancy had me intrigued.

I had 100 percent improvement in movement and everything during the pregnancy was so much better than it was with my first. With chiropractic care, I was able to work out during my whole pregnancy. My labor and delivery was 100 percent natural and 7 hours from start until finish versus the 24 hours it was with my first.

Now I continue to receive care on a maintenance level and bring in both of my kids. My 3 year old loves coming in and my baby is all smiles when she sees Dr. Z.



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