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Headaches are a very broad topic, but let's begin by saying that there is no such thing as a “normal headache." Over thirty years of experience treating patients, we have heard this many times. 

There are many different types of headaches including the migraine, cluster, and tension headache, just to name a few. While the cause of your headache may be vascular related, another may be due to unknown causes and even stress. However, most headaches have one thing in common—the neck. From the medical perspective, the primary method of treatment for pain is medication.

With or without medications, many patients continue to suffer needlessly while taking harmful medications because they have not sought Chiropractic care.

For example, the majority of pain related to tension headaches are found at the back of the head and neck, occasionally traveling to the front. The tension refers to the muscles that attach to the base of the skull, upper spine, and other muscles that control the spine. Stress and other factors may trigger the headache. Often, the spinal alignment and irritation of the nerves that control the muscles are overlooked. Posture, injuries to neck, sitting, abnormal curves of the neck, arthritis of the spine, etc. can also play significant roles in these headaches.

Chiropractic care looks to the spine to correct the cause of your headaches. This is why it is important to have your spine checked by a chiropractor. Often times, medical doctors do not diagnose or treat spinal misalignments. 

In addition, many types of migraines are also caused by abnormal spinal and occipital (base of the skull) alignment problems. Thus, this affects the spinal nerves and the brainstem. Many times, helping someone who suffers from migraines to reduce the amount of episodes from weekly to monthly can be a major positive change in their lives.

When you seek the care of the Advanced Chiropractic Associates Team, you can expect the following:

  • Consultation. You may be surprised, but just based on what we learn during your consultation we can normally establish a clear diagnosis. 
  • Orthopedic and Neurologic Testing
  • X-ray. This helps our Doctors determine spinal misalignments, pathology, and whether it is safe to adjust the area. This also helps to determine your treatment plan and expected results.

Treatment generally consists of spinal manipulation. The technique can be by hand or instrument suited to the patient’s need or request. Our doctors are proficient at multiple chiropractic techniques. Various therapies may be necessary, such as low level laser (cold laser), ultrasound, and/or a mechanical massage to reduce muscle pain and tightness. Some patients require extensive treatment, often involving correcting the abnormal curve in the neck. However, others respond well in only a few treatments.

As a reminder, nutrition also plays an important role. Eliminating foods or adding supplements needs to be examined and chiropractors are well trained to address these issues.

Our goal is to help reduce the painful and often debilitating effects of headaches, and help change your quality of life. Ready to see how chiropractic care can help? Contact us today!

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  • "My visit with Chiropractic has changed my life style and I now can do anything I used too. I am 67 and just rode a bicycle through the mountains of Virginia for 127 miles. Never would have even thought about doing that before!"

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