Hip, Leg, Knee, Foot


Shin Splits and Hip Pain

For 5 years on and off I had been suffering from shin splints and continuous hip pain. My shin splints started when I was running and were so severe that I could barely walk. The pain was so bad that it was altering the way I walked and keeping me from exercising. I also work on my feet all day so it was something I felt all the time.

I tried compression socks, calf massages, stretching and praying but the pain would always come back. I had been under chiropractic care before so I thought I could go back and it would help.

Since I got back under care I don’t have any shin splints, and my hip pain is completely gone. I AM A NEW WOMAN!

Overall my posture has improved. The doctors were able to treat the cause of the condition, not just mask the symptoms. Overall I just feel so much better.



Hip Pain

For about 6 months I had been dealing with left hip pain. It hurt to walk and I couldn’t lie on my side at night because of the pain. Needless to say it was affecting my sleep and mood.

Tried the medical doctors, all they gave me was pain medications and shots which helped temporarily.

We started addressing the problem.

Now, I sleep through the night, every now and then it bothers me, but doing well.

There is marked improvement in my ability walk with little to no pain!

Between the laser and adjustments…..I am a believer!



Numbness and Tingling in Arms and Legs, Lower back Pain

My legs and arms would both go numb every time I looked down at the floor. The problem was worsening since about 1987. I also was having lower back pain to go along with it and was losing my ability to turn my neck. I was very young at the time.

I started with Chiropractic, I did not try anything else, and was referred here by a friend and coworker who had success with his care.

So far, I have very little, if any, tingling in my legs and very little pain. I have no problem at work anymore.

My neck moves much better now and overall better feeling in my legs.

S. H.


Sciatic Nerve

For about 6 weeks before I came in my sciatic nerve on my left side was hurting a lot. It was even causing my leg to get weak and go numb. I could hardly stand and it was generally getting worse.

Saw my MD and he sent me for a MRI and Neurologist. Pain pills, prednisone and talk of surgery was what they suggested.

Had been under Chiropractic before and I didn’t want surgery.

It did not take long before I noticed an improvement. Everything was getting better when we started treating the problem.

I would rate my progress as excellent! Now we are just going to maintain the gains!



Leg Burns

I spilled hot bacon grease on my entire leg in July of 2013! The burns 2nd degree and bad. They treated me with ointments, wraps and aquacell.

However, my mother brought the low level laser home from Advanced Chiropractic, because the research was showing great results in helping to heal burns.

The leg did great, minimal scarring, the pigment returned to normal and no debridement was necessary. The itching decreased from scabbing and the whole healing process was accelerated.

The treating doctors were impressed! Got pictures if you need to see!

S. M.


Lower Back and Leg Pain

In 2012 I came in with lower back and pain down my right leg. It had gotten worse over about a week period and was causing me a lot or problems. I wasn’t sure where to go, but I thought I would try Chiropractic first because I didn’t want pills and surgery. Actually found the office through the phone book.

The pain was sharp with pins and needles and it hurt to sit, lie down and get out of my car.

It took a little while but things got a whole lot better. And I guess I have been pain free ever since and able to do whatever I want.

Now I come in just to keep it that way and maintain where I am at.

Very well pleased with care and the service I have received with “the Best Doctor in the Country”!



Neck Stiffness, Numbness and Tingling in Arm, and  Sciatic Nerve Pain

My grip was getting weak, I was having increasing numbness and tingling, it was hard to turn my head, not to mention my hip and leg were hurting now. This has been going on for about 10 years!

It was getting debilitating, couldn’t do projects or a whole lot for that matter, and sleeping was getting worse. I had had similar issues and had neck fusion surgery.

Since treatment, I have increased and freer movement in my neck. My right arm doesn’t feel numb or tingle and is noticeably stronger. My leg and hip are much better.

Considering my age, 68, I can’t expect to feel like I am 21 again. However, as a result of the care and the objectives he and I established at the start, I do feel much improved. Yes, I’d definitely call Chiropractic care very successful!

D. M.


Lower Back, Hip and Leg Pain

For about a year my lower back and hip hurt. I started developing pain in my leg and shin region and it became severe at times. It had hurt to cough and sneeze with even some numbness and tingling. I was referred by another patient of Dr. P’s.

Started treatment and now all the pain is gone thanks to Dr. Parson.

If I had gone to my family Doctor, I probably would have gone through a battery of medical tests and possibly surgery. My husband went through the same thing. I did not want surgery or drugs for pain. Dr. Parson loaned me a TENS unit which really helped me cope with the pain in the beginning. Subsequent adjustments and therapy relieved all the pain.

It was a true blessing finding Advanced Chiropractic, the Doctor and the staff! I could not ask for better care…A true blessing.

Very pleased!



Leg Weakness, Back Pain and Balance Problems

The left leg was getting weaker and couldn’t even walk right because the foot wouldn’t work. My back and legs were hurting. I knew something wasn’t right. Could not do things I wanted to do such as …walk. Did not want surgery and called Advanced Chiropractic from the yellow pages because of credentials.

Right now I am 50% better under treatment. I have less pain, it is tolerable now, improving energy and strength. I am working at a faster pace and feel blessed that I can still work. My gait and balance have improved and legs feel stronger.

Very impressed with Dr. Parson’s determination to find the cause of my pain and is working to fix the problem in my hips and legs. Much more positive outlook about getting older!

S. J.


Hip and Leg Pain

Over the last year my hip and leg pain was getting worse, it was erratic though, but it would not go away.

The pain began affecting my sleep and my ability to ride horses, which is my husband’s and very much my passion. We believe the problem came from an old horseback accident when the horse fell on me.

I tried to manage it with over the counter medicine.

We identified the problem, which turned out to be that some of it was also coming from my back. Got a treatment plan.

It took about 4 to 5 weeks but all my hip and leg pain has gone away!

I am back to riding with no complaints afterward, so far!

T. H.


Peripheral Neuropathy in the Feet and Lower Extremities

Upper and Lower Back Pain and Balance Problems

My symptoms date back about 12 years and have been progressively getting worse over the last 10 years.


I was having loss of balance and problems walking for long periods of time. Excessive walking produced pain in the feet and the increased pain at night. Also I was having some tingling in my hands.

I sought care with my primary doctor, a Neurologist ($10,000 of testing which resulted in “NOTHING” can be done for you, you must live with your problems) and a Pain Management clinic (again, “NOTHING can be done for you”). I was also under the care of another Chiropractor.

My activities of daily living were being affected in every way, mentally and physically.

I was referred, to Dr. Parson’s seminar and dinner, by a friend, so I thought I’ll give it one more try.

At present, I have less neck pain, upper back pain and very little pain in my feet!  Improved balance and easier to walk for longer periods of time.

Four doctors over 12 years have told me nothing could be done for my increasing pain and decreasing mobility. Dr. Parson, through his thorough analysis, developed a treatment plan for my problems. After five weeks I have a smile on my face, am walking easier and now have a positive feeling after 12 years change for the better has come!

D. B.


Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain and Neuropathy

For 15 years my neck, lower back, legs and feet have been generally worsening.

It has been affecting about everything in my life and had to go on disability. I have had MRIs, medications, shots and physical therapy. Had some relief but still worsening.

A friend told me about Chiropractic and I should give it a try.

We did laser on my feet and I noticed a huge difference in my neuropathy. But as my treatment schedule went down the neuropathy is tending to come back.

My neck and has a whole lot more movement and my back pain is better. No more stiffness.

I would recommend Dr. Parson to anyone and have referred multiple people to the office.



Lower Back Pain and Leg Pain

Over the past three years I have had a lot more pain and less mobility in my life. My back pain goes way back and have had several surgeries including hip replacement.

I have had about 80 physical therapy sessions! Without a lot of help.

When I first came, I had constant severe lower back and leg pain. My balance was poor and general weakness in my legs. I had to walk with assistance from my wife. Could not even sit in a dining room chair and I was miserable.

I decided to try Chiropractic on a referral from friend.

Since care, I have seen steady improvement in my strength, balance and stamina; not to mention the reduced pain. My ability to walk alone and sit without in different positions has greatly improved.

Over all my quality of life has greatly improved because of Chiropractic care and personal encouragement!

J. H.


 Lower Back Pain and Leg Numbness

I was referred by another patient, a family member. When I came in my back was really hurting and was having numbness in both legs. It hurt to bend any way, sit and my legs were going numb. This was worsening over about a 2 year period but particularly the last 9 months.

It was affecting about everything I wanted to do, especially trying to exercise. Tried pain meds and ice with some relief.

Since treatment I am so much better, my pain is gone and no numbness in my legs! I feel great and am back to doing again.

Thanks to Dr. Parson I am able to travel and enjoy life again, pain free.



Lower Back Pain and Leg Numbness

I was having lower back pain for about 3-4 years and it was progressively getting worse. Could not walk without legs going numb and constantly sit down. This was hard because of farming responsibilities.

Went to the Medical Doctor who said an operation was necessary but I wasn’t going there. So I lived on Ibuprofen to walk.

Now, after the treatments and changing my curve, the pain is gone and I can walk.

A big plus is my attitude and mood change. My wife says I’m much kinder and far less grumpy.

Life is good!

R. B.


Lower Back and Leg Pain

My lower back and leg started hurting for about 2 weeks, I believe I had lifted wrong. But it was severe. It hurt to cough and sneeze, get up and down and even walk.

I have had this on and off over time but never did anything about it, just rested, iced and a TENS unit.

Essentially, this whole issue shut me down, could not do anything and had to miss class.

After going through the treatment, I have NO PAIN!

I can function normally again and back in class and about finished my degree.

Also I have noticed a lot more flexibility and strength!



Lower Back and Leg Pain

When I came I had about 6 months of lower back pain and leg pain that was worsening.

It hurt to stand very long, work and sleep was being affected.

I tried physical therapy with some relief but it came back. So a friend who was a patient referred me to Chiropractic care.

Since treatment, I have no lower back pain anymore, occasional leg pain, and my neck has improved. It had a history of stiffness and I had not done anything about it.

I was surprised at how much relief I got from adjustments. I know my back still has issues after seeing my x-rays and we are still working at it.



Scoliosis and Lower Back Pain

I have had a severe curvature of my spine all my life, and it began pinching causing pain to my right hip. I could hardly walk, sit or stand. Lower back pain had become a way of life.

Tried other care to no avail.

Since treatment I am mobile! I can sit, get up from a chair, roll over in bed and stand up straight without pain. I can walk a mile a day now!

My numbness in my legs due to neuropathy has decreased.

Less stress, less pain and at 71 feel renewed and grateful to have Dr. Parson as my doctor.

K. H.


 Bursitis in Both Hips

Originally I came in way back in 2004 for lower back and leg pain from falling off a horse. We worked on that on got in resolved.

Then about 5 years ago I developed bursitis in both my hips. It hurt to walk, stand and sit. The pain woke me up at night. This became a real problem with my work.

I tried cortisone injections, NSAIDS, Lidocaine patches, physical therapy, pain meds, etc. to no avail. They helped some.

Chiropractic care finally got me to where I am today. Essentially, major reduction in pain, often no pain at all.

Not to mention I developed problems with my hamstrings, Chiropractic care was first on the list this time and that problem was resolved.

Now, I am able to garden, walk, sit and sleep comfortably. I got my life back!

J. B.


Hip Pain

About May of 2014 my right hip started giving me a lot of trouble and I was not sure why. I couldn’t stand much without pain and then my knees also started hurting.

I could not shop for very long, my whole recreational scene was gone especially hiking.

The only thing I tried was Advil. A relative told be about Chiropractic care.

At this point, after treatment, and finding out the cause I have no limitations and no pain.

My overall health has improved because I am able to exercise lose weight and do anything I want!



Leg Weakness, Back Pain

And Balance Problems

The left leg was getting weaker and couldn’t even walk right because the foot wouldn’t work. My back and legs were hurting. I knew something wasn’t right. Could not do things I wanted to do such as …walk. Did not want surgery and called Advanced Chiropractic from the yellow pages because of credentials.

Right now I am 50% better under treatment. I have less pain, it is tolerable now, improving energy and strength. I am working at a faster pace and feel blessed that I can still work. My gait and balance have improved and legs feel stronger.

Very impressed with Dr. Parson’s determination to find the cause of my pain and is working to fix the problem in my hips and legs. Much more positive outlook about getting older!

S. J.


Foot Pain

For 10 years my feet have been getting worse. The MDs just gave me pain pills and no real answers.

Before I was told about Dr. Parson I was ready to give up. I was a very active person even at the age of 70. Doing my daily swimming and going to the gym. Volunteering was very much a part of my life. I kept cutting back more and more until almost all my activities were cut out. Due to burning and hurting in my feet so bad I could hardly wear shoes. Could no longer cut my grass but I couldn’t afford someone else.

I was told about Dr. Parson by a friend. I was willing to try anything at all. I started treatment in Jan and in about 2-3 weeks I could see much improvement. I couldn’t believe it! All my other Doctors just kept telling my heel pads were gone!

I am back to swimming daily and gym daily and soon going back to volunteer work at the hospital with no pain pills and no pain. Just a whole lot more energy too!

Thank you so much for what you have done for me. I have so much faith in you. God Bless

M. L.


Plantar Fasciitis

I sought treatment with Dr. Parson @ 6 months after my symptoms began in my feet.

Since the pain I was experiencing was in my foot, I first sought treatment from a Podiatrist. Their treatment plan consisted of an elastic band for arch support, an insert in my shoe to elevate my heel, and cortisone injections to possibly alleviate the pain. Which I knew provided temporary relief and worst tissue deterioration. Not wanting to go that route, I began researching alternative treatments such as laser therapy. My research and knowing spinal misalignment could manifest as foot pain led me to Dr. Parson.

Before treatment with Dr. Parson, I dreaded the first steps of the day, which brought excruciating pain, and experienced days when every step felt like I was stepping on a rock. After an aggressive treatment plan, I am now PAIN FREE and have been able to gradually resume my 6 mile/day walking. This is what I call a success! In order not to risk regressing, I continue to regularly do the specific exercises and make sure to wear my orthotics.

I feel Dr. Parson’s holistic approach and his training and experience in the field of orthopedics and his extensive knowledge and experience in Chiropractic was the formula to my positive outcome.

S. H.


Neck, Mid/Low Back and Heel Pain

My first time coming to a chiropractor was because of my girlfriend. She had been under care here for a little while and had seen great results. I had hurt my back doing a twisting method and she said that I could get some help from adjustments. I had had pain for over 10 years due to a number of accidents and falls I had. The pain was traveling down my legs to my knees and heels.

Since I have been under care I have noticed I have more range of motion, more energy, my general health is improved and overall less pain. My sex drive has increased also, which is great.

I was also in a motorcycle accident while getting care and thought that I was going to need to go to the ER. I came in to the office to get checked out and Dr. Z said that I had a few things out of place and nothing broken. An accident I had would usually keep me from riding for over a month but I was able to get back on and ride after 2 weeks because of the adjustments.

I am a firm believer in chiropractic and how it can help everyone.



Foot Pain, Hip Pain and Headaches

I was dealing with a foot pain that had been around for about a month. I had this problem before but it really got bad over the past month. The pain initially only bothered me when I was running but was getting so severe it started to bother me when I was walking. I couldn’t even bend my big toes. I like to exercise and run long distances so this was effecting my every day activities.

I came to Advanced Chiropractic Associates after my sister nagged me. I told Dr. Zebroski that I also had headaches that I got every day and that I also had some hip pain that was bothering me when I was running too.

After seeing all my problems on the films, Dr. Z walked me through adjusting. I didn’t know that your feet could be adjusted. I also got my foot scanned and it was recommended that I get orthotics.

Since getting adjusted and wearing my orthotics regularly, I do not have any foot pain nor hip adductor muscles. I feel like I am a more efficient runner now than before I started care. I am also working on the curve of my neck at the office.



Lower Back Pain

Tingling in Arms and Feet

I had pain in my lower back , my left arm and foot was tingling, couldn’t sleep because I was unable to turn in bed without shooting pain.

I improved 95 % over about a 10 week period. I have no pain  and my left foot has intermittent tingling!

I have improved in all aspects and back to doing all the things I want to do!



Knee and Neck pain

I injured my knee about a year ago and went through a lot of therapy and medications. Just couldn’t quite get it back to “normal”.

After treatment with the laser, it seems to improved much more and I am about 100%

My neck has been giving me trouble for a long time, at least 8 months, but goes back longer than that.

While we have been working on my knee, my neck is SO much better. Sleeping is not a problem anymore!

I would and have recommended Chiropractic care to anyone!



Knee Pain

For over three years I have had pain in my right knee which has caused me to favor I and develop a limp. I run marathons and this is a problem.

Medical docs have used the rooster comb injections for lubricant several times.

At present, I no longer have pain in my knee. I can flex my leg easier and I no longer favor it when I walk. My limp is gone. Thank you!

I am 64 years old and back to my old self, I am very active and now get around better with more motion and strength. Dr. Parson is great, thank you. Diana is an awesome therapist.



Knee Pain, Back and Neck Pain

For about 5 years my knees kept hurting and then back and neck pain developed. My back hurt me in the mornings, when I lifted, when I was standing and knees especially hurt when I tried to walk. Housework was a problem.

I have had a long history and have seen other Chiropractors in the past; also tried acupuncture and some medical treatment.

Now, after treatments, I am able to walk and stand for much longer periods and my general body movements have improved.

I had gone through 5 months of severe muscle spasms that were treated medically. Dr. Parson recommended magnesium and after 3 weeks the muscle spasms stopped. Dr. Parson is a wonderful healer and diagnostician- Dr. Parson is a blessing.

J. M.


Knee Pain

For a year or more I have had knee pain that prevented me from working out and driving long distances. My MD prescribed NSAIDS, but had to discontinue due to the side effects, and I wore a brace. Dr. Parson diagnosed me with patella femoral syndrome.

Since treatment with adjustments, e-stim, laser and me doing my exercises, my knee pain is all but gone!

It is my belief that Dr. Parson has a very special gift, which, combined with his knowledge and skills has helped many family members and friends to improve their health without medications and surgery.

S. C.


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