I’ve been going to Advanced Chiropractic for years now and I love it! I have mild scoliosis and a lot of neck pain and with regular adjustments and therapy, I’ve never felt better. I once had such a painful headache that had me in tears and came in to see if Dr. Parson could help me. He adjusted my neck and within 30 minutes my headache was gone! When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I continued to keep my regular appointments. It helped ease a lot of the discomforts that comes with pregnancy. When I was full term I wanted to have my baby so bad! Dr.Parson would adjust me 2-3X a week during that time and my water broke on its own within a week! I delivered my daughter essentially natural and I do believe the adjustments helped ease the process of labor. Once my daughter was a week old, I came and had her adjusted also and it helped with her gas. I couldn’t recommend Advanced Chiropractic more, they are the best of the best.




I have had headaches sporadically for 30 years. I tried many over the counter medications to no avail.

After doing the Chiropractic Biophysics Protocol there was a drastic difference in both severity and frequency!

It is rare that I have a Migraine anymore.

If I do feel pain, I use my Denneroll and get adjusted and I am good as new!

C. P.



Since about 1985 I was having migraines all the time. It was changing my life.

I went to Medical doctors, Neurologists, etc. Had all kinds of tests and the tried different medications and some of them did some good but overall with poor results.

Back in 2003, a friend suggested I try Chiropractic. I came  here and the results were


In three months I received more relief with Chiropractic care than I had in 3 years going to the other Doctors. And I have been a patient going on 12 years now!

I haven’t had an actual migraine in about a year, and we also managed other complaints I may have at time to time, like lower back pain.

Just preventing now!



Headaches and Health

Dear Dr. Parson and Staff,

For over 20 years now you have kept our family in better health.

We have come to your office limping, with severe headaches, withering in pain, hurting from banged up in accidents (being hit head on and totaling our car)!

And we have left with no headaches, walking straight and taller and on the road to better spinal health.

Thanks so much for being such an advocate of our health.

God Bless,

The Elliot Family


Headaches and Lower Back Pain

My lower back went out on me about 35 years ago and it was a disc problem. It caused me a lot of problems and lost work. They wanted to do surgery. Suffered with it for a long time. I also had headaches/migraines about all the time, and I lost work because the headaches.

I tried medical doctors and medications, muscle relaxors and other Chiropractors.

Found Dr. Parson and I noticed improvement in a short time. Now I never have headaches, haven’t had one in about 5 years!

Currently I have very little pain in my, but it still needs monitoring with maintenance care.

I feel healthier than I have in years and have a greater quality of life than I have in decades.



Asthma and Headaches

I am 13 years old and have had Asthma for about 10 months. I also have been having headaches in the front part of my head.

My parents are both Physicians Assistants and we have tried steroids and inhalers.

They brought me to the Chiropractor to see if anything else can be done. Because I play soccer I was having to use my inhaler a lot just to play. My lungs were burning.

We say the x-rays and Dr.Parson explained there probably could be something that can be done.

Since treatment my headaches have gone and I barely use my inhaler at all!

G. W.


Headaches, Shoulder Pain and Hip Pain

Before treatment I had tried medicines, massage therapy and acupuncture. I had debilitating migraines several times a month in addition to the constant stress headache.

Within the first month of treatment I could tell a big difference. It took awhile to correct the curve in my spine but now I am in the maintenance phase of treatment.

My headaches are much less frequent and usually a signal that my C2 and C3 vertebra needs adjustment. That’s another improvement- I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about how my body works and because of that I take hardly not medications anymore.

I now have been getting adjustments regularly for about nine years.

Dr. Parson and his team are wonderful. They are always smiling and happy; which seems impossible in today’s society. What’s even better, the office runs efficiently and I always get into my appointments on time!



Headaches and Neck Pain

Came to office because my headaches and neck stiffness/pain was not getting better on their own for several months. The headaches were happening about once a week.

And I was getting headaches after exercise. Didn’t try a whole lot of other treatments because my family is under Chiropractic care and I had been in the past.

Saw the films and saw the problem.

Since treatment my headaches are much less frequent and all but gone.

Minimal neck stiffness/pain.

Dr. Parson and his staff are always helpful and friendly.



 Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain and Headaches

For about 8 years I had ongoing headaches and associate neck pain and shoulder problems.

I did not seek out any other treatment, maybe some over the counter medications.

Since Chiropractic care there is less tension and stress carried in my entire upper body.

Chiropractic care has been able to keep me in alignment for 8 years now. Not stopping now with my maintenance.



Headaches and Neck Pain

For about 8 years I have had ongoing headaches and neck pain which burned.

My primary method of treatment was over the counter medications.

Since treatment I rarely have headaches, which were one to two per week. Now they may be monthly or bi-monthly.

If I do have headache over the weekend I can take over the counter medicine, but hardly any relief, and I know it isn’t good for me.

But get adjusted as soon as I can and usually the headache is gone within 20 minutes.

Continuing my maintenance for better health!



Migraines and Back Pain

For about 2 years my Migraines and back pain have been worsening. I went to the MD and Neurologist and they gave me medications that “barely” worked.

My back hurt when I stood for any length of time, it was stiff when I sat, and hurt just to bend over. My job is taking care of sick people and everything I did was hurting.

I was feeling like I was going to have to give up working. Also, it was affecting a lot of my personal life.

Since treatment, I have hardly had any Migraines!

My back hurt me all the time and I was at the point of not working. But I am now 90% better.

I would recommend Dr. Parson for anyone who suffers with pain. Without him I wouldn’t be able to continue working.




Tension Headaches and Neck Pain and Hands Hurting

When I came in , my hands were hurting and weak. This had been ongoing for about 6 or 7 years. I was having trouble with school work and writing. Not to mention I had headaches that last about an hour many times in a day.

It hurt when I sat and had trouble reading.

The medical doctors tried medications but that was not working. I was diagnosed with tension headaches.

Since under Chiropractic, my pain in my neck and hands is not really a problem anymore especially doing school work.

My headaches just come every now and then, but under control!

J. T.


Migraines, Shoulder, Lower back and Hip Pain

Before finding out about Chiropractic care, I had Migraines for about 15 years, lower back pain my entire life, hip pain for about 7 years and shoulder pain for about 10 years. I essentially thought I would just have to live with it at 44 years old. I tried stretching, Motrin, massage and others but lived on Motrin.

My Migraines, shoulder and hip pain are gone! My lower back is much better and getting even better since we put in customized orthotics. I no longer have daily pain!

My life does not revolve around pain and Motrin anymore. I can play with my family and be more active. A full night sleep without pain is wonderful, and my health is better.

Thank you so much!



Severe Headaches

For 12 years I have suffered with severe headaches, and felt bad most of the time. The pain affected my whole life including work. But I thought it was normal to have headaches.

My hands and fingers were also going. I considered surgery for everything and the medical doctors were not helping.

I have been under care for awhile now, and my headaches are all but gone. They come back every now and then, especially if I slip and fall and mess up my neck.

My overall health has really improved and I owe a lot of that to Dr. Parson. I also appreciate his staff, they really care about the patients!




I have suffered with migraines for almost 20 years, but for the past 5 years, I would endure at least 2 headaches per month. The migraine was often accompanied with nausea and I would often be “down” for a couple of days. My husband tried for years to get me to see Dr. Parson for my headaches. I would always tell him no- I didn’t think there was any way Chiropractic could help with a migraine, plus I didn’t like the thought of someone “cracking” my neck.

After being down with a headache on and off for about a week, I thought I would give Dr. Parson a try – I didn’t have anything to lose and would see what he said. On my initial consultation, Dr. Parson gathered a lot of information. He was very personable and even informed me that he didn’t know if he would be able to “cure”  me of my headaches, but at least he was honest about the situation instead of feeding me false information. When it came time for my first adjustment, Dr. Parson knew I was nervous. He talked me through everything and I give him credit on his technique – as I was preoccupied doing something else, he adjusted my neck – piece of cake!

I have been seeing Dr. Parson for a few years now, and I am happy to report that my migraines have decreased tremendously. I may have 1 headache every few months due to some of my triggers, but even when it occurs the intensity isn’t near what it used to be. I knew going into my treatment I may not be completely cured, but anyone with migraines knows that going from a lifeless, dark room for a couple of days twice a month, to being able to function with a migraine every few months is an absolute blessing! I cannot tell you the last time I have been “down” for a couple of days with a migraine. I was one of those skeptics who didn’t think or understand what Chiropractic can do, but now I am a walking testimony!



Migraines and Neck Pain

I have had persistent migraines and neck pain since elementary school. I played a lot of physically challenging sports that probably caused most of my problems.

I have only tried NSAIDS and they may help some.

Now, since being under Chiropractic care, I can go all day without any medication, and that helps my concentration.

Not only am I staff, but I am also a loyal patient. Before treatment with Chiropractic, I thought nothing would cure my migraines and neck pain!

I am so thankful I chose Chiropractic while I am young so I can live a longer and healthier life!



Spinal Stenosis, Lower Back Pain and Headaches

For about 2 years I have been diagnosed with lower back, diagnosed as spinal stenosis. Also told I have arthritis, degenerative disc disease and swollen right knee. Not to mention I have had Migraines. Some of this has been going on for 20 years or more and getting progressively worse.

I have had Physical therapy, which did help, medications, cortisone injections and micro-needling just to name a few.

These things were definitely affecting my life and slowing me down. Too many responsibilities to stop though.

We found Advanced Chiropractic on the internet for my mother, and I decided maybe they can help me too.

Since treatment, I can Breathe! No headaches, the right knee is almost painless and my lower back is much improved.

Dr. Parson has become a life partner for my mother and me. He is our Guru and mentor. His advice is always positive, uplifting and spot on. I admire his passion for healing as well as instructions and will continue to improve as much as possible with his guidance!




Since I was 2 years old I always have suffered from headaches. As I got older they started to turn into migraines. I went to see a neurologist to see if they could figure out my problem but that didn’t help. I was taking all sorts of medication, like Tylenol and 3 Goody Powders. I went and had multiple eye exams and allergy tests but no one could solve my problem.

Since getting adjusted regularly, my migraines have gotten so much better. I no longer have to carry medicine in my pockets. I take magnesium every day because of how magnesium can help headaches.

I no longer have a fear of waking up with a migraine or a having them come on throughout the day. I also don’t have to worry about missing work because of their intensity.

I always believed migraines were hereditary and that there was no cure. Everything changed over the past year thanks to Advanced Chiropractic Associates.



Chronic Migraines and Lower Back Pain

I came in because I was having Migraines about 2 to 3 times per week, not to mention my lower back pain.

These issues have been ongoing for about 11 years.  My job as a Police Officer was being affected because

stress made them worse. They shut me down.

Have tried all the medications out there and they didn’t really help.

I have tried other Chiropractors and they could not help me. But when I came here there was another option that had not been explored.

Since care, my Migraines are about every 2 weeks or so and not as bad. My lower back pain has improved a lot and carrying all my gear is much easier.

I would still be suffering had I not discovered this office!



Chronic Migraines

I have had migraines for about 7 to 10 years. I originally came to the office because my upper back, neck and shoulder were hurting. I have a newborn and could hardly hold and the headaches were also shutting me down.

Went to Doctors in the past but I wanted to try home remedies and natural ways.

Since getting adjusted regularly, encouragement and guidance on certain stretches to do at home. I’ve gone from 3-4 migraines a week to maybe one a month.

My whole quality of life has improved drastically. My energy to keep up with my busy one year old is now normal.

Thank You!  Also thank you for working with our schedule and juggling the baby. Ya’ll are awesome!

B. W.


Neck pain, headaches

I came into the office after I was in a car accident and I was having neck pain. The car accident happened 2 days before I came into the office and was getting worse and worse by the day. The upper part of my neck hurt and well as the middle. I was having headaches, confusion and visual perceptual impairment.

I did not go to the ER or any other place but this office was recommended by an existing patient. I wanted to try to avoid taking any pills and the standard medical treatment.

Since getting under care, my visual perception has gone back to normal. I no longer have anxiety and confusion. The pain has also completely gone away. My range of motion has also gotten better.

The doctor’s lifestyle recommendations will assist me my whole life. I feel I avoided a great deal of future issues as well. My posture has improved too!



Headaches and Neck Pain

Over the last year my neck pain and headaches have worsened. I was losing range of motion in my neck. To sit and especially look down aggravated my neck and hurt. My sleep was being affected, working in yard and most things in my life were being affected also.

We also discussed the issue where I was having numbness in both feet and toes.

Tried over the counter medications. No luck. Since my husband was coming here and doing better, thought I would try.

Overall, improved movement, much less pain!

Able to do most activities with less pain and stiffness and sleeping well!

C. B.


Chronic Migraine Headaches

Since about 2006-2007 I have suffered with chronic migraine headaches that started out of nowhere. I tried taking Ibuprofen and doing things that other people do such as lay in the dark and put cold on my head, but that didn’t seem to help. I went to my medical doctor and they said that it was most likely ocular migraines or that I had some cranial dysplasia. They gave me a shot and upped my dose of Ibuprofen to 800mg, but the headaches returned.

The headaches were starting to affect my daily life and work because they were coming on so frequently. I couldn’t do strenuous activity and could go out and play as much golf as I wanted.

I had never been to a chiropractor before so I thought that I would try it out because anything would be better than having headaches. Dr. Z explained everything to me and then adjusted me.

After getting treatment I have noticed that the severity and frequency have greatly reduced. I also do some exercises to help out my neck muscles which I think keeps the headaches from occurring as often. I have also noticed that overall I have better flexibility.



Headaches and Shoulder Pain

When I came in I was having headaches again. I had them before and saw other Chiropractors. The headaches were ongoing for about 3-4 months.  Could hardly bend my neck forward, and we believe it was due to a car wreck a long time ago.

I am a caregiver and it was affecting my mood, making me irritable.

Did not try any other treatments. Knew Chiropractic could help and had was referred by a friend.

Since treatment my pain and stiffness in my shoulders is gone. My headaches are much less frequent and a lot less intense. And my mood is great!

R. K.


Migraines and Colon Problems

I have suffered with migraines for 2 years and getting worse; also weight gain (rapid), constantly tired and colon and stomach issues over the last 10 years. I am only 25 years old.

We have tried everything from cutting my hair, I have stayed in bed long periods of time and lost work as a teacher, and countless medical doctors and countless medications that never worked.

Since treatment I have almost completely stopped having migraines now, expect for maybe one per month (probably hormonal). Colon and stomach issues have improve greatly and I have much more energy.

I have lost over 50 lbs now that I feel so much better. I have more energy and a new quality of life. I am very happy I came here and would recommend to anyone. I had almost lost hope.

Thank you so much.



Headaches and Neck Pain

I have had persistent headaches and neck pain for about 20 years.

Not to mention lower back pain.

I have tried massage therapy and been prescribed all kinds of medications.

I was very skeptical about Chiropractic care, but Dr. Parson and his staff have changed my outlook 100%.

They showed me the problem, nobody else had. And I haven’t had headaches in months, my lower back pain has RESOLVED, and my shoulder issues are all but gone.

What a difference!

S. G.


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