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Low Back and Right Shoulder Pain

In mid December I threw my back out for the second time in a few months. Rather than just letting it recover on its own I decided to see a chiropractor to make sure there wasn't anything wrong causing me to throw my back out so often. 

When I made my appointment my wife told me to tell them about my shoulder while I was there. My shoulder has been painful for 2-3 years. I can't sleep on it or lean on it without it hurting and I can't lift my arm over my head. I told my wife that I would mention it but that they wouldn't do anything because they're chiropractors, not shoulder specialists. 

Dr. Z made his assessment and treatment plan and after a few visits my back had recovered nicely. During one of my visits I was asked how my shoulder was doing. When I said that my shoulder was more of a problem than my back, they decided to make that their number one priority. 

They started using laser therapy and E-stim on it whenever I came in for an adjustment, which was twice a week. It took a couple weeks to notice a difference, but I can now sleep on my side and usually raise my arm above my head. It's not 100% healed, but my treatment still has several weeks to go and it was an untreated injury that lasted a few years, so I'm very happy with the progress. 

Dr. Z communicates very well and makes me feel at ease, especially when I first came in with a lot of pain. He's very personable and friendly. I'm happy with how he does his adjustments and how thorough he is while doing his checkups.

The staff is great too. They're always very nice and seem to genuinely care about how you're doing. I don't think I've ever been seen late either, which is great when you're in a rush. 

I'm very pleased with the treatment I've received here, and can't wait to get my shoulder completely healed. I already feel a lot of relief, so I'll probably feel like a new person when the treatment is done. Thanks to Dr. Z, Dr. Parson, and their staff!



 Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain and Headaches

For about 8 years I had ongoing headaches and associate neck pain and shoulder problems.

I did not seek out any other treatment, maybe some over the counter medications.

Since Chiropractic care there is less tension and stress carried in my entire upper body.

Chiropractic care has been able to keep me in alignment for 8 years now. Not stopping now with my maintenance.



Neck and Shoulder Pain

I have been dealing with neck and right shoulder pain for a long time, about 4 years; but when I came the last 4 or 5 weeks was worsening. It was affecting my sleeping, my ability to lift, work out and play basketball. As a student it was also aggravating and causing problems.

I had a MRI, treatment with cortisone shots, electro therapy, massage therapy and physical therapy, but it only helped temporarily.

After treatment with Chiropractic and relieving the nerve pressure, I no longer experience numbness and tingling in my right hand nor do I have pain in my neck or shoulder anymore!

It takes time but given the time, Dr. Parson can make your quality of life much better!

When you leave, you will leave with much better health than when you came in!



Lower Back and Shoulder Pain

When I came in I was having a lot of mid, lower back and shoulder pain that was getting worse as the day went on. It was aggravated by my job, lifting heavy stuff and got worse as the day went on. Severe at times and I am only 25 years old. It hurt to lift with my left arm.

My wife got me in the office, and I had not tried any other type of care.

Now I can sit and stand up straight without pain, move furniture and heavy boxes without any problems. And I have learned how to lift properly and keep everything aligned.

Now, maintenance is the key to a long and healthy back and life, and even though I may feel good I’ll always come in for my “tune up”.

J. W.


Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain

Over 2 week time, my shoulder was killing me and pain going to my arm and hand, and numb sometimes. When I went to my medical doctor he wanted to order a bunch of tests to help with the diagnosis. I asked about Chiropractic treatment, and he thought that would be a good idea and okay.

I could hardly sleep and hurt to even cough or sneeze. My arm and hand was getting very weak.

We took x-rays and Dr. Parson showed me the problem. Once we started treatment, I noticed a difference very soon.

Now, I have no pain at this time, my grip is stronger and can do just about anything I had done in the past!

Thank you Dr. Parson and staff.

C. R.


Shoulder and Arm Pain

My shoulder, arm and neck was giving me a lot of trouble. I went to an Orthopedist, he did a MRI and showed me the torn tendons in my shoulder. More than one.  The recommendation, of course, was surgery.

For a long time I have been under Chiropractic care, so we talked about other treatments. Dr. Parson recommended Laser and shoulder manipulation.

There has been a major improvement in my shoulder and right arm pain. Some of the pain was coming from my neck and it as is related. No surgery necessary.

Dr. Parson has successfully stopped the pain I had with TMJ, and the therapy after my foot surgery was very successful.

He has helped control my lower back pain I had for years, and had to have surgery on. He gives the highest attention to my complaints.

I am so thankful for his care and thoughtfulness!

M. T.


Headaches and Shoulder Pain

When I came in I was having headaches again. I had them before and saw other Chiropractors. The headaches were ongoing for about 3-4 months.  Could hardly bend my neck forward, and we believe it was due to a car wreck a long time ago.

I am a caregiver and it was affecting my mood, making me irritable.

Did not try any other treatments. Knew Chiropractic could help and had was referred by a friend.

Since treatment my pain and stiffness in my shoulders is gone. My headaches are much less frequent and a lot less intense. And my mood is great!

R. K.


Shoulder and Neck Pain

I was suffering with shoulder and neck pain for several months. The pain was increasing and was starting to affect my quality of life. I sought to get a diagnosis and treatment with an orthopedist who diagnosed the source of the pain to be minute tears in shoulder ligaments due to the fact I’m 90 years of age.

Being aware of the negatives of cortisone shots and knowing it would not be a permanent remedy, I instead opted for physical therapy. While it may be the solution for some people, it did not help me and seemed to exacerbate my pain.

At my wife’s urging, I then sought treatment with Dr. Parson. He confirmed the orthopedist’s diagnosis but also identified issues with my neck that were contributing to my pain.

Following a treatment regimen over an 8 week period, I can now say that although I have occasional flare-ups (usually due to my doing something I should not), I am once again enjoying life.

Thank you Dr. Parson and staff for your compassion and for providing excellent care. Once a skeptic, I am now a believer in the benefits of chiropractic care.



Shoulder Pain

For about 2 to 3 months my left shoulder had been giving me problems.

It was getting hard to lift my shoulder over my head and it was always sore. Not getting any better.

I did not try any other treatments because a friend of mine told me I should come here.

I was exercising a lot but it essentially shut me down.

Now I am back to exercising and doing whatever, and over time I have seen improvement with each visit.

R. M.

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  • "My visit with Chiropractic has changed my life style and I now can do anything I used too. I am 67 and just rode a bicycle through the mountains of Virginia for 127 miles. Never would have even thought about doing that before!"

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