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Lower Back Pain and Slipped Disc

I have had numbness and tingling in my legs and toes, aching lower back, and stiffness in my neck that had been worsening for over 6 years. Not to mention light headedness and confusion.

It was becoming very frustrating and tormenting to stand for long and bend over, and that is my job. My sleep was bad.

I had been a patient before, but we reviewed everything and I needed a lot more. Glad I did. My spine is improving, saw it on the x-rays, I can stand longer and sleep a whole lot more. Less headaches and the pain, discomfort and tingling are much less.

Dr. P is the best! He truly cares about my spine, longevity and health! He is very knowledgeable of his doctrine. No fear at all in his hands when they are adjusting me. I totally trust him! And his staff is very caring and professional…they are Great!



Rheumatoid arthritis and disc degeneration

For about 20 years I have had symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. When I came into the office for this problem, I found out that in my lower back there were discs that were degenerating.

Before chiropractic I went to see if I could find treatment. I was told that surgery was the only answer to my problem. This was NOT ACCEPTABLE by any means.

Currently I have no pain in my lower back! As little problems occur, Dr. P takes care of them. I have been under chiropractic care now for a long time!



Severe Mid Back Pain and Disc Disease

For @ 5 years now I have been suffering with mid-back pain that no one was helping. They ran all kinds of test, gave me pain pills, sent me to physical therapy, pain management clinics, etc. No real lasting help.

I was also diagnosed with MS and that did not help. I was miserable, not myself, and biting everyone’s head off.

Since Chiropractic care I am now functioning without tears, I have relief, tingling and pain all but gone, depression now gone, I can clean a whole room without pain or a nap (was 3 to 4 times per day), my range of motion is better, I am back to myself!


T. W.


Low Back Pain b/c of Disc Herniation

About a month and a half ago I was coaching my son’s basketball team when I threw out my back. I was moving quickly and then stopped and felt my back just give out on me. I had herniated a disc in my low back before so I knew that I had done it again. My brother, who is going through chiropractic school, found Advanced Chiropractic Associates and recommended I go there.

I had been to physical therapy for the last disc problem and they did some stretches and ice, but I wanted to get this taken care of differently this time. Since I have been under care my lower back pain has gone away. It has only been a month and a half and I am 100% better than when I first came in the door. The only time it may be aggravated is if I work too hard.

Dr. Z and the staff are amazing. I would recommend anyone to come into Advanced Chiropractic Associates.



Lower Back due to Disc Degeneration

Since age 32, now 63 I have ad 3 bad discs in my lower back with pinching of the nerves in my back and neck.

Have use a lot of other treatments and they help with Chiropractic care.

While under Chiropractic care, it takes me from very painful to not needing pain medications, my range of motion is increase, and I am able to bend and do the things I need to do.

Chiropractic care has kept me out of surgery! Even my sinusitis and allergies have improved!


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  • "My visit with Chiropractic has changed my life style and I now can do anything I used too. I am 67 and just rode a bicycle through the mountains of Virginia for 127 miles. Never would have even thought about doing that before!"

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