Neck Pain

I’ve been going to Advanced Chiropractic for years now and I love it! I have mild scoliosis and a lot of neck pain and with regular adjustments and therapy, I’ve never felt better. I once had such a painful headache that had me in tears and came in to see if Dr. Parson could help me. He adjusted my neck and within 30 minutes my headache was gone! When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I continued to keep my regular appointments. It helped ease a lot of the discomforts that comes with pregnancy. When I was full term I wanted to have my baby so bad! Dr.Parson would adjust me 2-3X a week during that time and my water broke on its own within a week! I delivered my daughter essentially natural and I do believe the adjustments helped ease the process of labor. Once my daughter was a week old, I came and had her adjusted also and it helped with her gas. I couldn’t recommend Advanced Chiropractic more, they are the best of the best.



Neck, Shoulder and Chest pain

For about 4 years I have had severe neck pain that started after I hit my head on a tree branch. The pain was getting worse and started to travel down my left arm and into my chest. I went to a neurologist and he told me that I had a bulging disc in my neck.

I went through a few injections and they would work for a few days but the pain kept coming back. The neurologist wanted to do surgery to fuse my neck together after removing the disc. All of the pain I was experiencing was starting to drive me mad and was making me stress out.

A few different people told me I should seek chiropractic help and I finally decided that I would see what it was all about. I have to say I have a different opinion now about chiropractors and chiropractic. Since getting under care I have had 75% improvement and I expect to have 100% shortly.

Dr. Z has really taken good care of me and has explained my situation better than any neurologist. He answers any questions that I have and if he doesn’t know right on the spot he will go the extra mile to figure it out and get back with me. I give the office thumbs up for what they do.



Neck pain, headaches

I came into the office after I was in a car accident and I was having neck pain. The car accident happened 2 days before I came into the office and was getting worse and worse by the day. The upper part of my neck hurt and well as the middle. I was having headaches, confusion and visual perceptual impairment.

I did not go to the ER or any other place but this office was recommended by an existing patient. I wanted to try to avoid taking any pills and the standard medical treatment.

Since getting under care, my visual perception has gone back to normal. I no longer have anxiety and confusion. The pain has also completely gone away. My range of motion has also gotten better.

The doctor’s lifestyle recommendations will assist me my whole life. I feel I avoided a great deal of future issues as well. My posture has improved too!



Neck and Lower Back Pain

My neck and back have given me trouble for about 35 years. On and off due to injuries, accidents, arthritis, etc.

I had a fall once in the Smokies and I came here for treatment, and I feel as good as I did before.

Chiropractic care is the only care I get, and it keeps me healthy. I have not needed or sought out other types of care.

I have been treated on a regular basis for maintenance, I know it has kept me in better shape and I definitely don’t want to wait to get in bad shape.

In fact I actually have worked in Chiropractic for many years as a Certified Chiropractic Therapy Assistant.

Chiropractic has been amazing to and for me.

L. H.


 Neck and Back Pain

Since about 1995 I have had ongoing neck and back pain. Not to mention shoulder and wrist problems in the past. I am now 70

I have tried the medical approach and it helps some.

My wife and are long time patients, and we heard the advertisement on a Christian radio station. We have been patients ever since.

Now we are at the point of just monthly adjustments. I am able to go about my day with less pain and sleep a whole lot better.

Dr. Parson takes time to talk to you and listens and adjust you accordingly. He treats you as a friend, not just a number. He has helped a lot!

K. B.


Neck Pain and Fever

I have always had problems with a pinch nerve in my neck since I was about 6 years old. I had double Pneumonia when I was 6 years old and I was in and out of the hospital for my first year in school. The last time I was in the hospital and the pediatricians had tried several different kinds of antibiotics on me, which none was working at 100%.

The pediatricians had told my parents that there was a new antibiotic that had just came out and the pediatricians said if this antibiotic doesn’t clear up the infection and break up the fever; then there is nothing else we can do for her.

At this time, my father was taking it into his own hands to keep from losing a daughter. He had a great friend that was a chiropractor (Dr. Mabry) that was in the army with him. When my father had spoken to Dr. Mabry, he said I think why her fever won’t break is that she has a pinch in her cervical area.

Dr. Mabry came to visit me in the hospital and he turned me over on my stomach on that hospital bed in Children’s Hospital, and he adjusted my cervical spine and immediately the fever broke. When the pediatricians made their rounds on Monday, they couldn’t believe that my chart had said my fever had broken the night before.

My parents were so grateful for Dr. Mabry, that he saved my life. I thank Dr. Parson for everything he has done for me. I have had several different issues from my pinch nerves to my knee pain. He has made my everyday living so much better.

This is why my chiropractic care is so important to me.

Thank you, Dr. Parson for everything you have done for me!



Knee and Neck pain

I injured my knee about a year ago and went through a lot of therapy and medications. Just couldn’t quite get it back to “normal”.

After treatment with the laser, it seems to improved much more and I am about 100%

My neck has been giving me trouble for a long time, at least 8 months, but goes back longer than that.

While we have been working on my knee, my neck is SO much better. Sleeping is not a problem anymore!

I would and have recommended Chiropractic care to anyone!



Lower Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

When I originally came in a long time ago, my lower back and neck were the problems. And that was not until the year 2000. Accidents added up over time and my back was bothering me all the time.

Dr. Parson showed me what was the problem. I had been to the orthopedist with no help from meds and other trial stuff.

Until I found Chiropractic care I suffered needlessly for a long time.

Dr. Parson treated the problem in ways that have made a total difference.

My neck and upper back has improved greatly.



Neck, Arm and Lower Back Pain

I originally came in with lower back issues. In fact I had 3 previous back surgeries which were not and did not solve the problems.

My PCP was just prescribing anti-inflammatories medications over and over. Could hardly turn my neck, it hurt and was having pain radiating to arm. Sleep was a problem and generally affecting my mood, my energy and my health.

I endured pain for about 5 months before coming to see Dr. Parson.

Now, symptoms are no longer present. Overall pain levels have diminished to non-existent. Mobility has increased. Sleep quality is MUCH better, which allows and provides better mental health and more energy over the day!

My general outlook and attitude is positive because I am not fighting pain every single day.

I now come once a month to maintain my gains, and it does.



Neck and Lower Back Pain

I have on and off neck and lower back pain for years, but recently over the last 2 years, things seemed to have gotten worse.

Really did not try other treatments because I had been a patient here before, and my husband was coming and doing much better.

Since treatment, I have more mobility, I walk long distances, I have gotten more exercise and just general overall healthy improvements.

Dr. Parson has given me a lot of encouragement with vital health information for both my back and neck as well my health. And I am trying to follow his recommendations.  Very caring Doc!



Headaches and Neck Pain

Came to office because my headaches and neck stiffness/pain was not getting better on their own for several months. The headaches were happening about once a week.

And I was getting headaches after exercise. Didn’t try a whole lot of other treatments because my family is under Chiropractic care and I had been in the past.

Saw the films and saw the problem.

Since treatment my headaches are much less frequent and all but gone.

Minimal neck stiffness/pain.

Dr. Parson and his staff are always helpful and friendly.



Lower Back and Neck Pain

My Chiropractic experience started as a child with all my family being involved in Chiropractic healing. As I grew up and left home for college, work and then marriage I stop going. At the age of 25, living in Atlanta, Georgia, I was in a bad car wreck. I walked away from the wreck feeling and thinking I was okay. Two weeks later I woke up and could hardly get out of bed. When I was finally able to get up, I realized I was unable to stand up straight and could barely walk. I had to call a friend that was able to take me to a doctor.

 The doctor took some x-rays and told me my only option was to have back surgery. I told him I would have to go home and think it through. I called my family later that day to give them the news. My father was against the whole idea about surgery and said we needed another doctor’s opinion.

 He got in contact with the Chiropractor we had gone to during my childhood and he was able to refer me to a good doctor where I lived.  When I went to see that doctor he took a look at my x-rays and said, “NO, DO NOT LET ANYONE OPERATE. I can help you!”.  I was under his care for a few weeks and shortly moved to a maintenance program. Within the next few years I had moved from state to state, being referred to a new Chiropractor every time. I finally was able to move back to Tennessee, but the Chiropractor I had seen as a child was no longer in practice.

One day a friend was telling me to go to Advanced Chiropractic and see Dr. Scott Parson. He is a hero, helping me keep things in line along with taking care of my entire body. I have lost some weight and come off many medications as well.

I am now on a maintenance program which is most important. I go every 12 weeks and I am doing well. Now, at age 75, I have still not had back surgery. You go to your family doctor regularly, why not keep a maintenance program with your Chiropractor? It works.


B. F.




 Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain and Headaches

For about 8 years I had ongoing headaches and associate neck pain and shoulder problems.

I did not seek out any other treatment, maybe some over the counter medications.

Since Chiropractic care there is less tension and stress carried in my entire upper body.

Chiropractic care has been able to keep me in alignment for 8 years now. Not stopping now with my maintenance.



Numbness and Tingling in Arms and Legs and Lower back Pain

My legs and arms would both go numb every time I looked down at the floor. The problem was worsening since about 1987. I also was having lower back pain to go along with it and was losing my ability to turn my neck. I was very young at the time.

I started with Chiropractic, I did not try anything else, and was referred here by a friend and coworker who had success with his care.

So far, I have very little, if any, tingling in my legs and very little pain. I have no problem at work anymore.

My neck moves much better now and overall better feeling in my legs.

S. H.


Headaches and Neck Pain

For about 8 years I have had ongoing headaches and neck pain which burned.

My primary method of treatment was over the counter medications.

Since treatment I rarely have headaches, which were one to two per week. Now they may be monthly or bi-monthly.

If I do have headache over the weekend I can take over the counter medicine, but hardly any relief, and I know it isn’t good for me.

But get adjusted  as soon as I can and usually the headache is gone within 20 minutes.

Continuing my maintenance for better health!



Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain

Balance Problems

For @ 3 years my neck had been hurting but started getting a little worse. I had been told it was arthritis but I also noticed my balance was also getting worse. I had numbness in both my hands, couldn’t bend my head or turn it and could hardly sleep. Not to mention I was also having vertigo.

It was affecting my life so bad I had to quit my job.

The MDs were giving me pain pills and I had some physical therapy which helped a little.

Came back to see if Dr. Parson could help. I saw how bad the x-rays were and he referred me to a Neurologist for the balance. But he believed some of the balance problems could be from the neck.

Right now I am 100% better. Can turn my head, no numbness and my balance has greatly improved. Still have appointment with Neurologist just in case!



Lower Back and Neck Pain

I have had lower back pain for about 22 years and neck pain for about 8 years due to a whiplash injury that never got corrected. I have seen medical doctors and they have prescribed medications which I don’t like to take.

Not to mention headaches go along with the neck pain.

I am only 40 years old and diagnosed with a degenerative disc.

Since I started with Chiropractic care, I now have better range of motion, less stiffness, less pain and less headaches.

If I go more than 6 weeks without an adjustment, I can really tell a significant difference in the pain and stiffness.

My maintenance plan is every two weeks, that’s when I feel the best!



Neck and Shoulder Pain

I have been dealing with neck and right shoulder pain for a long time, about 4 yeears; but when I came the last 4 or 5 weeks was worsening. It was affecting my sleeping, my ability to lift, work out and play basketball. As a student it was also aggravating and causing problems.

I had a MRI, treatment with cortisone shots, electro therapy, massage therapy and physical therapy, but it only helped temporarily.

After treatment with Chiropractic and relieving the nerve pressure, I no longer experience numbness and tingling in my right hand nor do I have pain in my neck or shoulder anymore!

It takes time but given the time, Dr. Parson can make your quality of life much better!

When you leave, you will leave with much better health than when you came in!



Tension Headaches and Neck Pain and Hands Hurting

When I came in, my hands were hurting and weak. This had been ongoing for about 6 or 7 years. I was having trouble with school work and writing. Not to mention I had headaches that last about an hour many times in a day.

It hurt when I sat and had trouble reading.

The medical doctors tried medications but that was not working. I was diagnosed with tension headaches.

Since under Chiropractic, my pain in my neck and hands is not really a problem anymore especially doing school work.

My headaches just come every now and then, but under control!

J. T.


Neck and Lower Back Pain

I have had neck pain for several years and my back pain recently started after I started running regularly. Fortunately I have been under Chiropractic care for many years to manage my neck pain, and now my lower back issues.

I have seen an orthopedist in the past for my neck, but there is not a lot they can do other than medications. I have seen my x-rays and my neck is older than my age!

When I get regular and consistent treatment/adjustments coupled with exercise and core strength training…..I do well.

My headaches have lessened and my running has improved. I feel very confident in running my marathons now!



Neck and Upper Back Pain

For many years, I have had ongoing neck and upper back discomfort because of curvature in my neck. I have been trying to get healthier and this one piece of the puzzle, my spine.

I had been here before, so I came back to try and get it fixed. I really didn’t try anything else.

Since treatment I have noticed more mobility, improved muscle tone, overall strength and health in my neck and upper back region.

Overall feeling much better. Also, due to the correction and rehab of the neck and upper/mid back, there has been an improvement in mental health.



Neck Pain

For a long time I had been bothered by SEVERE neck pain. When I first started coming into the office the symptoms had been present for 6 months. The pain was so intense that I even started to have shoulder weakness that had me scared.

I tried stretching and muscle relaxers to get the pain to go away but neither of those helped. I went to my M.D to try and get some help, but that didn’t work out either.

Since receiving chiropractic care I am 100% pain free, and I feel good as new. The weakness from my arm is no longer present and I can thank the great staff for getting me back to where I needed to be.



Lower Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

When I originally came in 2012 my back pain was about an 8 out 10 and my neck and shoulders were always giving me problems. These things had been going on most of my life but getting worse.

My work and most of things I did around the house were being affected.

I tried over the counter pain meds and did not want medical care or surgery.

Since Chiropractic care my overall health has improved and no more pain in my entire back.

With regular maintenance I hardly ever have any pain and don’t take over the counter meds anymore.

L. M.


Neck, Lower Back, Hands, Ringing in Ears

If you never tried Chiropractic Care, you are about to experience something you will wonder why you did not do this health care sooner.

I was involved in a bad automobile accident. I first saw a neurosurgeon whom recommended neck surgery. Next I saw an orthopedic surgeon whom recommended back surgery. Next I saw a Physical Therapy doctors for months. After months of physical therapy medical care, I was not getting any better.

I then went to see my attorney handling my case, and he recommended a chiropractor who helped him 2 years earlier.

So, I went to see and talk with the chiropractor about my health situations. He did x-rays after which we reviewed them, and he said he thought he would be able to get me back in good shape.


He had me do chiropractic therapy and adjustments for 2 weeks, coming 5 days a week. After the first session, the ringing in my ear since the day of the automobile accident 9 months earlier had stopped.

Progress continued, and I began to function normally with having had no surgery at all.

It has now been 24 years and 7 months, and I still continue chiropractic care, doing therapy and adjustments every eight weeks to maintain my good, solid mobility, and feeling like a new man each time I walk back out the front door after my treatments.

Chiropractic Care worked great for me, and I believe it will work for you as well.

So enjoy your new found great health solution!

Sincere best wishes, and you came to the right place for great health care!



Migraines and Neck Pain

I have had persistent migraines and neck pain since elementary school. I played a lot of physically challenging sports that probably caused most of my problems.

I have only tried NSAIDS and they may help some.

Now, since being under Chiropractic care, I can go all day without any medication, and that helps my concentration.

Not only am I staff, but I am also a loyal patient. Before treatment with Chiropractic, I thought nothing would cure my migraines and neck pain!

I am so thankful I chose Chiropractic while I am young so I can live a longer and healthier life!



Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain and Poor Posture

I have lived with neck pain, lower back pain, and poor posture since childhood. When I moved here in 2009 I investigated other Chiropractors, but I was unable to find someone who took as much time looking at my condition as Dr. Parson has.

Since I started working with Dr. Parson in 2013, I felt WORLDS better.

My neck  and lower back pain are gone!

I have now taken up jogging, a hobby I never thought I would enjoy, or for that matter, even consider. We are also working to improve the curvature in my neck, which we saw as a major problem.

I have been to a few different Chiropractors in the last 6 years. I am so glad I found this practice because not only is Dr. Parson interested in good maintenance care, but he is committed to correct the problem first!



Neck and Arm Numbness

For about 4 to 5 years I have had neck pain and numbness in my arm. I was in a lot of pain. And it was affecting most things I wanted to do, such as picking things up, lifting, etc.

I went to the medical doctor and they just gave me muscle relaxers which only covered up the problem and not much help.

I was referred to this office by a friend, and had been under Chiropractic care elsewhere before.

Since starting Chiropractic care, my pain is greatly reduced, numbness has almost all gone but comes back occasionally.

I can now do my daily work without persistent pain and spend better time with the kids.

Now I just come for maintenance. Great to get pain relief without drugs!

L. M.


Numbness and Tingling in arm from a Pinched Nerve

My fingers were going numb and tingling, it hurt to raise my shoulder or look up with my neck. Couldn’t even sleep on my left side. The whole thing was shutting me down from doing anything. They tried steroids and muscle relaxers, but it didn’t work.

Dr. Parson showed me the pinched nerve area at C5 and C5 and how it was closed and my neck and back were too straight.

My head and neck don’t bother me anymore and don’t have any tingling in my left hands since treatment.

My visit with Chiropractic has changed my life style and I now can do anything I used too. I am 67 and just rode a bicycle through the mountains of Virginia for 127 miles. Never would have even thought about doing that before!

J. G.


Neck Pain and Arthritis

I am 82 years old and started having my neck problems about 2 years ago. My neck hurt so bad I couldn’t turn my head. I couldn’t even stand to have my neck touched. If I wanted to look to the side I had to turn at my waist.

I went to 2 or 3 medical doctors and they just told me there was nothing they could do for degenerative arthritis. But it was so painful I had to do something and I really didn’t want a bunch of medications.

Since choosing Chiropractic care, I don’t have any pain and can turn my head in any direction and look up and down with no pain!

Thank goodness for Doctors like Dr. Parson that knew just what to do.

G. K.


Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain

Over 2 week time, my shoulder was killing me and pain going to my arm and hand, and numb sometimes. When I went to my medical doctor he wanted to order a bunch of tests to help with the diagnosis. I asked about Chiropractic treatment, and he thought that would be a good idea and okay.

I could hardly sleep and hurt to even cough or sneeze. My arm and hand was getting very weak.

We took x-rays and Dr. Parson showed me the problem. Once we started treatment, I noticed a difference very soon.

Now, I have no pain at this time, my grip is stronger and can do just about anything I had done in the past!

Thank you Dr. Parson and staff.

C. R.


Neck Stiffness, Numbness and Tingling in Arm, and  Sciatic Nerve Pain

My grip was getting weak, I was having increasing numbness and tingling, it was hard to turn my head, not to mention my hip and leg were hurting now. This has been going on for about 10 years!

It was getting debilitating, couldn’t do projects or a whole lot for that matter, and sleeping was getting worse. I had had similar issues and had neck fusion surgery.

Since treatment, I have increased and freer movement in my neck. My right arm doesn’t feel numb or tingle and is noticeably stronger. My leg and hip are much better.

Considering my age, 68, I can’t expect to feel like I am 21 again. However, as a result of the care and the objectives he and I established at the start, I do feel much improved. Yes, I’d definitely call Chiropractic care very successful!

D. M.


Elbow and Hand Numbness

For the last 4 or 5 years my right elbow pain has been worsening. I fell off a ladder and never got any treatment, just toughed it out. I have lost a lot of the ability to bend my elbow and straighten it out. Not to mention on the left hand I was having trouble with numbness and tingling.

My elbow was affecting my sleep, hurting worse and worse and affecting my job. The pain was sharp when I tried to use it.

After seeing the x-rays and Dr. Parson explaining the issue, I had treatment for about 6 weeks.

My elbow is almost at full range of motion, no night time pain and it doesn’t hurt me at work. I still have some left hand numbness but it is better since we have worked on my neck.

Excellent progress.



Neck and Arm Numbness and Weakness

When I came to office, my neck hurt and my arm was getting numb and losing strength. It had been getting worse over the last month and was affecting a lot of activities, including work.

I went to my MD and he gave me steroids, which helped for a short time.

When coming here and going through care, we found out I had two herniated discs in my neck. But we kept working at it and Dr. Parsons saved me from surgery.

I have seen about a 90-95% improvement. But you have to put in the time for the best results!



 Neck and Upper Back Pain

For several months my neck had been hurting. I could hardly turn it left or right. In general it was affecting most of my activities.

I had only tried over the counter meds, but without much help. A good friend, who is a long time patient, suggested I go to Chiropractic first.

Since treatment, I would say I am very much improved and am back to do things normally. Have referred others to the office.

Thanks to Dr. Parson.



Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain and Neuropathy

For 15 years my neck, lower back, legs and feet have been generally worsening.

It has been affecting about everything in my life and had to go on disability. I have had MRIs, medications, shots and physical therapy. Had some relief but still worsening.

A friend told me about Chiropractic and I should give it a try.

We did laser on my feet and I noticed a huge difference in my neuropathy. But as my treatment schedule went down the neuropathy is tending to come back.

My neck and has a whole lot more movement and my back pain is better. No more stiffness.

I would recommend Dr. Parson to anyone and have referred multiple people to the office.



Neck Pain and Hand Spasms

When I came in I was having popping in my neck, my hands were spasming and my ankles were swelling. I was concerned about my hands, I didn’t know when they were going spasm and it had already affected me at bad times like driving.

These things were getting worse and my medical doctor was treating me for neuropathy with Lyrica and muscle relaxers. I thought there has got to be a better solution. A co-worker referred me.

Since treatment, especially in the neck, helping the nerves to my hands; my hands are much better, I can turn my neck without pain or popping and my ankles very rarely swell. I am off the fluid pills.  I have had only two minor spasms while under care.

My “neuropathy” is getting better!



Neck and Lower Back Pain

  I have had neck pain and headaches and on and off lower back pain for about 2 years. I couldn’t turn my head very well. My job is at a computer and that made it worse. It just made me not want to do anything, exercise, yard work, etc.

My former Chiropractor sold his practice and I couldn’t find a good replacement until I was referred to Dr. Parson. I did try over the counter medications but they just were temporary.

Now I have no more headaches, better mobility and more flexible to do exercises. I feel so much better in my overall health.

This treatment has made such a difference in my wellbeing on a daily basis. I am in so much better health now. Daily tasks are easy with no more chronic pain!

D. S.


Neck and Arm Pain

For the last 15 years I have live with ongoing neck pain which made it hard to turn my head left and right. It was worsening, and my left arm started hurting. I drive a fork lift and couldn’t look around. Not good. It was believed to be due to a rear end accident.

My mood was being affected and even walking my dog got hard. I had also been diagnosed with carpal tunnel on both sides.

I really had not tried anything else, just over the counter stuff.

Found the clinic on the internet!

Since treatment my neck is so much better and no arm pain. My neck is no longer restricted and the pinched nerve down my arm is gone!

T. M.


Neck Problems and Lower Back Pain

I came into the office due for the first time because I was having neck problems and lower back pain. I had been experiencing pain and discomfort and limited mobility for years. In the previous years I had been to other chiropractors but they never tried to improve my neck condition. Other treatments were just maintaining where I was and that wasn’t good.

Since getting under care here, I have so much more mobility back, from head to toe! I also really understand the part I play in my TOTAL health now because of the education and the home exercise program I received.

The entire staff is so professional and I feel respected. My only “regret” in getting better is that I don’t get to see everyone as often!



Headaches and Neck Pain

Over the last year my neck pain and headaches have worsened. I was losing range of motion in my neck. To sit and especially look down aggravated my neck and hurt. My sleep was being affected, working in yard and most things in my life were being affected also.

We also discussed the issue where I was having numbness in both feet and toes.

Tried over the counter medications. No luck. Since my husband was coming here and doing better, thought I would try.

Overall, improved movement, much less pain!

Able to do most activities with less pain and stiffness and sleeping well!

C. B.


Lower neck, upper back and lower back pain

When I first came into the office I was having problems with lower neck pain, upper back pain and muscle tension, and lower back irritation. I had problems with this for several years but it had recently was happening on and off for several months. I didn’t seek any help for it and was trying to help it by stretching on my own. I was more irritable, stressed, and it was affecting my work.

After coming into the office and getting under care, my pain is gone. I have much better spinal movement, less tension in the neck and MUCH better much tension due to the therapy and the position of my spine.

Dr. Z, Dr. Parson and the staff are extremely friendly. They make the chiropractic experience easy, smooth, and comfortable for everyone. I would recommend them to anyone that is in pain or that is wanting to get checked out to prevent further pain.



Headaches and Shoulder Pain

When I came in I was having headaches again. I had them before and saw other Chiropractors. The headaches were ongoing for about 3-4 months.  Could hardly bend my neck forward, and we believe it was due to a car wreck a long time ago.

I am a caregiver and it was affecting my mood, making me irritable.

Did not try any other treatments. Knew Chiropractic could help and had was referred by a friend.

Since treatment my pain and stiffness in my shoulders is gone. My headaches are much less frequent and a lot less intense. And my mood is great!

R. K.


Neck and Low Back Pain

I came into the office after I was in a car accident where I was hit from behind. I was sitting at a red light and the car hit me and my head whipped forward. I had been dealing with neck and low back pain for more than 20 years but the accident made them worse. I first decided to try physical therapy to deal with the pain but the pain was still present. When I went to the doctor they just gave me muscle relaxers, but I did not want to take them.

Coughing and sneezing made my pain worse. The pain was affecting my work, my social life, sleep and my ability to go to church.

Since getting under care, I have little to no pain most days. My mobility in my neck and low back is better. I also have a lot more energy to get me through the day. Overall I just feel better and my sleep is a whole lot better too. It’s made my life so much better to not be in pain anymore.



Shoulder and Neck Pain

I was suffering with shoulder and neck pain for several months. The pain was increasing and was starting to affect my quality of life. I sought to get a diagnosis and treatment with an orthopedist who diagnosed the source of the pain to be minute tears in shoulder ligaments due to the fact I’m 90 years of age.

Being aware of the negatives of cortisone shots and knowing it would not be a permanent remedy, I instead opted for physical therapy. While it may be the solution for some people, it did not help me and seemed to exacerbate my pain.

At my wife’s urging, I then sought treatment with Dr. Parson. He confirmed the orthopedist’s diagnosis but also identified issues with my neck that were contributing to my pain.

Following a treatment regimen over an 8 week period, I can now say that although I have occasional flare-ups (usually due to my doing something I should not), I am once again enjoying life.

Thank you Dr. Parson and staff for your compassion and for providing excellent care. Once a skeptic, I am now a believer in the benefits of chiropractic care.



Neck Pain

I had some severe neck pain that started suddenly and made it impossible for me to turn my neck. I was having some minor pains but finally it got to the point where I couldn’t turn my head to either side or look up or down. I was in SEVERE pain!

Usually I am a person that just deals with the pain, but this time was different. The pain was affecting everything from my job, taking care of my elderly parents, and playing with my grandchildren.

I called Advanced Chiropractic Associates to see if there was something that could be done. On the first day the doctors saw me twice. They worked to relieve the pain using multiple therapies and adjustments.

Since getting under care the pain is much better. I am no longer on the verge of tears when I turn my head.



Neck, Mid/Low Back and Heel Pain

My first time coming to a chiropractor was because of my girlfriend. She had been under care here for a little while and had seen great results. I had hurt my back doing a twisting method and she said that I could get some help from adjustments. I had had pain for over 10 years due to a number of accidents and falls I had. The pain was traveling down my legs to my knees and heels.

Since I have been under care I have noticed I have more range of motion, more energy, my general health is improved and overall less pain. My sex drive has increased also, which is great.

I was also in a motorcycle accident while getting care and thought that I was going to need to go to the ER. I came in to the office to get checked out and Dr. Z said that I had a few things out of place and nothing broken. An accident I had would usually keep me from riding for over a month but I was able to get back on and ride after 2 weeks because of the adjustments.

I am a firm believer in chiropractic and how it can help everyone.



Neck and Back Pain

Over the last year I have had worsening neck and upper back pain. It was getting to the point where I could not turn my head left or right. My lower back pain has been with me about 30 years.

I began having tingling in my hands and it was bothering sleep. My hands were cramping and I also had occasional headaches and migraines. Massage was about the only thing that helped. Just affecting most of my life.

A friend referred me to the office.

Since understanding the problem and going through treatment, I am now about 90% better in my neck and back. I can also stand straight and really able to do most anything.

Telling everyone and trying to get my daughter in here.

L. B.


 Neck Pain

When I came in my neck had started hurting me over about 2 months. It was worsening.

A good friend told me I should see her Chiropractor.

My range of motion was getting bad and could hardly turn my neck and it was affecting most of the things I do.

The x-rays showed I had a degenerative disc in my neck. I didn’t even know it.

Since treatment my range of motion is so much better and I hardly have any pain anymore!



Neck Pain D/T Car Accident

When I came in I had severe neck pain due to a deer jumping out in front of the truck.

I could not move my head at all without pain. The severity of pain was affecting my job and about everything I tried to do. Headaches were also a problem.

My mother referred me here. Did not try anything else.

When we reviewed my case, it seems my C2 was pushed upward into the base of my skull. My neck was also sprained. Since being aligned, I have less headaches. I have no pain and full mobility. No matter how bad I felt, or irritable I was, the staff always remained friendly and supportive.

I actually looked forward to my daily therapy and treatments. Dr. Parson and staff must be sorcerers, because only magic could have fixed my pain.

Thank you Diana for making me smile daily, and Lindsey for keeping me on schedule.



Vertigo and Neck Pain

After 9 months of unable to turn my head with worsening vertigo, my ENT recommended Chiropractic care. Hard to do my job

Since treatment, the vertigo is all but gone and can turn my head normally

My days are enjoyed!! NO pain, sleep a lot better and my overall health is better. Even working out again. Mood and attitude are so much better.



Headaches and Neck Pain

I have had persistent headaches and neck pain for about 20 years.

Not to mention lower back pain.

I have tried massage therapy and been prescribed all kinds of medications.

I was very skeptical about Chiropractic care, but Dr. Parson and his staff have changed my outlook 100%.

They showed me the problem, nobody else had. And I haven’t had headaches in months, my lower back pain has RESOLVED, and my shoulder issues are all but gone.

What a difference!

S. G.


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